We received this letter as our notice of Miyavi's cancellation.

Dear Mr. Mike Tatsugawa
President/Chief of Pacific Media Expo Convention

Following the results of past discussions and planning
done I wish to extent my sincerest of apologies to your
company. I would also wish to express utmost gratitude for
all of your co-operation up to this day.

It is very regretful that we have come to this unfavorable
decision and again I express my deepest apologies.
(The main reason that can be said on the cancellation of
this joint venture is due to the unavailability of the
engineer who is consigned to Miyavi to attend the
conventions, thus fear of the inability of holding
concerts up to standards required.)

Due to the final result of this, I am taking extra care
and precaution and intend in every way to avoid such a
circumstance from repeating again.

My sincerest apologies go out to the organizers and
everyone concerned for all inconveniences caused.
I deeply apologize.

Although these are only words on paper, again I express my
deepest of apologies.

11, March 2003
Chief Executive Officer
Tomomi Ozaki

We are working feverishly to provide appearances of additional bands to provide
you with the best convention experience possible.

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