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Autograph Policy Print E-mail

Autograph Sessions

Pacific Media Expo (PMX) has two types of autograph sessions - Panel Autograph Sessions and Sponsor Autograph Sessions. Each has different guidelines, so please read the information carefully. Final decision on all policies rests with the Director of Guest Services or the Director of Music for musical guests. All policies are subject to change.

- Panel Autograph Sessions -

Panel Autograph Sessions are the most common type of autograph session. At each Guest of Honor's Primary Panel, attendees will be given a two-part ticket as they enter the room. Attendees who are interested in entering a raffle for an autograph should return one part of the ticket. At the end of the panel, autograph winners will be selected from the submitted tickets. A small number of those winners may also qualify for sketches if the Guest of Honor is an artist and by his/her discretion. The staff must validate winning tickets before they can be redeemed for an autograph or sketch. If not all of the winning tickets are claimed, staff may offer standby tickets to any attendees who remain after the panel. A standby ticket does not guarantee an autograph or sketch and will only be honored if time permits. Winning tickets and standby tickets may be redeemed at any of the Guest of Honor Panel Autograph Sessions.

- Sponsor Autograph Sessions -

In the case where a company sponsors a Guest of Honor, the company sponsor may decide to hold a separate autograph session outside of the regular PMX autograph sessions that Guests of Honor participated in. The sponsor will dictate the eligibility guidelines of the session; however, since they are hosted by PMX, the same Autograph Policies will be in effect.

DISCLAIMER: Pacific Media Expo, its sponsors and Guests of Honors reserve the right to postpone or cancel any and all autograph sessions at any time without notice whatsoever. Please, remember that it is a privilege and not a right to obtain autographs or sketches from the Guests of Honor.
Courtesy Print E-mail
At Pacific Media Expo, we live by a mantra of respect and courtesy towards our attendees. Accordingly, we take the quality of each attendee's experience very seriously. If you feel that aspects of the event are not up to your standards, we encourage you to go to our Event Operations Office and file a complaint. If you find that a specific staffer was rude or unprofessional, please copy down their name and report the incident to the Event Operations Office. However, Pacific Media Expo asks attendees to remember that this event is being run by unpaid volunteers who are mainly working to evangelize Asian Pop Culture. Though Pacific Media Expo strives to maintain proper courtesy and behavior of its staff, the quality of service by each volunteer will vary. Pacific Media Expo will also be hosting a panel near the end of the convention just for attendees to share their input and opinions on the event. We hope that you will work closely with us in building an event that will continue to generate interest and participation in Asian Media and Popular Culture.
Press Un-Birthday Party Policy Print E-mail

Dress Code
Due to the special circumstances surrounding this event, a dress code of at least business class is strongly encouraged:
– Women: suit or tailored dress in conservative colors/necklines, closed-toe shoes and tasteful jewelry.
– Men: conservative suit (not a sports coat), long-sleeved shirt, dress shoes and dark socks. 

Business casual will also be permissible, especially for camera crews and the like. Barring that, avoid t-shirts, shorts, sandals and jeans, please. 

Novala Takemoto will be available for a press conference and private interviews, but during this time you are asked to cover the event and refrain from approaching him for questions.

Press choosing to participate in this event (and thus not cover it) must adhere to all proper Lolita guidelines and pay a reduced ticket fee. Email the Press Manager for more details. 

Press Policy on Concerts and Live Performances Print E-mail
PMX will comp one (1) concert ticket per press member per affiliation per day. One (1) photographer from each organization will also be permitted. If you have multiple registrants, please email Jinnie in advance regarding which reporter and photographer will represent your organization. Exceptions will be rare and approved solely by the Press Manager.

Press attending concerts must check in at least two hours prior. Check ins after the two hour limit may not be honored. All Press comps will be in ‘D’ level unless noted otherwise.

Press choosing to purchase higher level and/or additional tickets will still be granted and held to all media privileges and requirements.

Concert requirements/restrictions

Generally, photography is limited to the first three songs of each performance and only from the area between the barricades and the stage. Video coverage is limited to one minute. Specific restrictions for each show will be available at check in. Your agreement to honor them will be required before you are given your wristband/ticket.

Press Frequently Asked Questions Print E-mail

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