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Pacific Music Live Print E-mail
Pacific Media Expo hosts its annual Pacific Music Live concert series highlighting some of the best musicians from the Pacific Rim. Pacific Media Expo showcases Asia's most gifted performing artists as well as up-and-coming Asian-influenced American musicians.

Performing SaturdayPerforming Sunday
UchuSentai NOIZUchuSentai NOIZ
OLIVIARandom Ninjas
Concert starts at 7 p.m.Concert starts at 4:30 p.m.
Seating starts at 6 p.m.Seating starts at 3:30 p.m.

No recording devices (audio, cameras, camera phones, etc.) will be allowed in the concerts.

Tickets for OLIVIA's concert (7 p.m. Oct. 28) are on sale NOW!.
Tickets for UchuSentai NOIZ's concert (4:30 p.m. Oct. 29) are on sale NOW!
Updated Oct. 16.
OLIVIA Print E-mail

Saturday, Oct. 28 / Concert starts at 7 p.m.
Hilton Los Angeles Airport International Ballroom

OLIVIA (aka Olivia Lufkin) will be live and in concert on Saturday, Oct. 28 at Pacific Music Live, and will be attending a panel session and signing autographs at Pacific Media Expo. Her music is featured in the popular anime "Nana" (during the opening sequence in the first season and the ending sequence of the second season).

Olivia Lufkin j-rock jrock PMX Pacific Media Expo japanese pop j-pop jpop Music Live bandFind OLIVIA songs on iTunes.

Born Dec. 9, 1979, to a Japanese mother and an American father, OLIVIA was discovered while attending the legendary Okinawa Actors' School. In 2004, Avex released her sophomore full album The Lost Lolli, in Japan, as recognition for her growing popularity.

Concert and Event Ticketing Policy Print E-mail
Please read the all of the Concert and Event Ticketing Policy before you go to the webreg page to buy your tickets.

If you haven't registered for PMX yet (you must register before buying a ticket), you can buy a membership here.

OLIVIA's concert (Starts at 7 p.m. Oct. 28 for UchuSentai NOIZ, Dig Jelly and OLIVIA) -- Tickets are on sale NOW!
Un-Birthday Party is Oct. 28 -- Tickets are on sale NOW!
More information about UBP can be found in the Special Events tab.
UchuSentai NOIZ's full concert (Starts at 4:30 p.m. Oct. 29 for UchuSentai NOIZ, MECHANiCAL PANDA and Random Ninjas) -- Tickets are on sale NOW!

      The primary goal of the Pacific Media Expo concerts is to create a positive experience for the fans while still bringing out the best bands from Asia and Asian America. We will try to allow huge fans to get an authentic concert experience while allowing new fans to experience new bands for the lowest price possible.
      First and foremost. You must have a Pacific Media Expo membership to purchase a concert ticket. The cost of the ticket is on top of a one day ($20) or a full ($35) membership for Pacific Media Expo.
      Second and equally importantly: ABSOLUTELY NO RECORDING DEVICES WILL BE PERMITTED INSIDE THE CONCERT VENUE AND DURING THE CONCERT PERFORMANCES! These include but are not limited to cameras, camcorders, cellphones, audio recorders, laptops, or any recording or electronic devices, with the exception of hearing aids. You will not be allowed to enter the concert venue if you have any of these devices in your possession.

UchuSentai NOIZ Print E-mail

Sunday, Oct. 29 / Concert starts at 4:30 p.m.
Hilton Los Angeles Airport International Ballroom

UchuSentai NOIZ will open for OLIVIA on Saturday. Then catch twice the NOIZ when they play their full performance the next day.

UchuSentai NOIZ is the cutting edge of Japanese rock. They have toured extensively throughout Japan and released three albums and numerous maxi-singles, DVDs, videos and books. Illustrating the demand for their music and their love for entertaining, UchuSentai NOIZ is scheduled to perform live shows 32 nights straight, from Aug. 31 to Oct. 1, in the Tokyo area. EGO-style, the band's latest album, broke the top 100 on the Oricon Style music charts shortly after its release. UchuSentai NOIZ's visual kei style inspires their fans to cosplay and emulate the band's costumes. The band is composed of ANGEL-TAKA on vocals, MASATO on guitar, Kyo on bass, TAKEswiy on guitar and S@TT-ON on drums.

Fans attack! UchuSentai NOIZ's Japanese fan club will represent at PMX!

Get on the DVD! A Japanese film crew will be on-hand to record the UchuSentai NOIZ experience for a "Live in the U.S.A." DVD.

Pacific Music Live updates Print E-mail
Ticketing policy has been updated!
Tickets are now on sale!

You must be an attendee of the PMX convention in order to buy tickets for and attend the Pacific Music Live concerts.

Concert tickets for OLIVIA and UchuSentai NOIZ are on sale NOW!
Updated Oct. 16.

Recent updates:
Performance schedule announced
Concert Ticket information released
UchuSentai NOIZ
Dig Jelly
Random Ninjas

PMX is working to bring you the best in musical talent. More updates to follow.

Random Ninjas Print E-mail

Sunday, Oct. 29 / Concert starts at 4:30 p.m.
Hilton Los Angeles Airport International Ballroom

Random Ninjas is a rock band based in Los Angeles that performs their own original compositions evolved from multigenre influences fusing blazing guitars, rock, jazz, pop, and traditional taiko elements. From performances all over California, to all the way to Japan, this collective of creative and talented musicians enlivens any venue with their energetic performances. Random Ninjas is made up of Funk Masta Ninja (vocals/bboy), Yuko aka Kunoichi Oyuu (vocals/keyboard), Kaato (vocals/bass), Yusuke aka Supa Lucha Ninja (taiko drums), Nico-sama (keyboards), Sub Drummer (drums) and Full Metal Ninja (guitar). Random Ninjas also performed at Pacific Media Expo 2005.

PMX Halloween Dance Print E-mail
PMX Presents: Descendents of Darkness
$10 cover charge for nonmembers.
FREE for PMX attendees

Looking for a place to feel the beat? That maid outfit of yours collecting dust in the closet? Then the PMX Halloween Dance is the place to be. Come in your favorite costume to the hottest all-ages dance spot for you to get your groove on. DJs will be playing the latest and greatest in techno, house and trance. Why sit in your room alone when you can be at the PMX Halloween Dance?

M3 Production will be spinning at the PMX06 dance. Be prepared for:

DJ Tw33kHouse, Progressive Hard Trance
DJ Per-V-Uplifting Trance
DJ PrawfitHardstyle
DJ Oui-JiHip Hop, Top 40...and more

Collectively, the production crew has been featured at Grand Ave Club, Orion, Encounters, V20, Anime Expo 2004-06, Pacific Media Expo 2005, Anime-LA 2005 and the Century Club.

Dig Jelly Print E-mail

Saturday, Oct. 28 / Concert starts at 7 p.m.
Hilton Los Angeles Airport International Ballroom

Dig Jelly is an Los Angeles-based, high-energy, modern-rock band with a lethal dose of hip-hop. Dig Jelly is Rayko (vocal/guitar/keyboards), Joey Felix (drums), Robby Lochner (lead guitar), and Rain Balen (bass). Dig Jelly is known for their live performances, as they blend raw energy and sex appeal that grabs the attention of everyone in any given venue. Dig Jelly also performed at Pacific Media Expo 2005 and is competing as a top 100 band on NBC's "Star Tomorrow" music competition.

Karaoke Print E-mail

Pacific Media Expo PMX Japanese music karaoke singerMake your own music! PMX's Karaoke room keeps the crowds running away in horror and running back for more. Here is your chance to take your act out of the shower and onto the stage with a proper microphone! Sing along to your favorite C-pop, J-pop, J-rock, K-pop, OPM, or anime tunes. Bring your own CD or take a chance with our karaoke database of mystery.

General Open Mic Rules:

Sunday, Oct. 29 / Concert starts at 4:30 p.m.
Hilton Los Angeles Airport International Ballroom

MECHANiCAL PANDA is a Japanese rock band comprised of Ren (vocalist and guitar), isa (bass) and a support drummer. The band's performances throughout their home country have included a three-month stint with the "BUZZ" underground music event in Ikebukuro. MECHANiCAL PANDA's brand of punk rock has been recorded and released several Maxi-CDs. The band has hosted their own internet radio show and made numerous live appearances on Japanese television and radio.

Bringing the beat Print E-mail
PMX has offered a diverse lineup of talent, which has included T.M.Revolution, Nami Tamaki, Psycho Le Cemu, Corrinne May, Dig Jelly, Jane Lui, Kumiko Kato, Lemon Drop Kick, Next Phaze, PINE*am, Random Ninjas, and Yousei Teikoku. PMX has also worked with Kaila Yu, Thee Out Mods, Silver Ash and miyavi.
Featured music websites Print E-mail
winds-turbo, the T.M.R & Takanori Nishikawa Unofficial International fan club

New York-Tokyo Music Festival 2006
New York-Tokyo Music Festival 2006
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