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Mothra vs. Gojira Original Japanese (Sub) Screening and Panel Print E-mail
Classic Media presents the original Japanese-language version with English subtitles in glorious Toho Scope.of Mothra vs. Godzilla. This screening will be followed by a panel discussion about the making of this film and its place within the timeline of Godzilla sequels. Keith Aiken and Steve Ryfle will provide some insight into the making of this film.

Summary of film:
After a fierce typhoon, a mysterious gigantic egg washes ashore. The twin fairies of Infant Island plea for the egg's return to Mothra, its rightful owner, but it's too late – greedy promoters have turned it into an amusement park attraction. Meanwhile Godzilla reawakens and tramples across Japan, heading straight for the big egg. Can Mothra save her offspring from Godzilla? Will Japan survive this epic monster battle? 

More information on the presenters:

Keith Aiken is a professional illustrator and storyboard artist in Los Angeles whose credits include Dark Horse Comics’ GODZILLA titles (1994-95) and Sony Pictures’ animated television program GODZILLA: THE SERIES (1998-99) In October 2005, Keith worked with Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski on the audio commentary for the UK release of GODZILLA from the British Film Institute. In March 2006, he launched his own website SciFi Japan with co-editor Bob Johnson

Steve Ryfle is the author of "Japan's Favorite Mon-Star: The Unauthorized Biography of Godzilla” (ECW Press). He has written about Godzilla, and films in general, for the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune Creative Screenwriting, and many other print and online publications. Steve has been a featured guest several TV and radio programs devoted to Godzilla.

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