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Saturday, Oct. 28 / Concert starts at 7 p.m.
Hilton Los Angeles Airport International Ballroom

Dig Jelly is an Los Angeles-based, high-energy, modern-rock band with a lethal dose of hip-hop. Dig Jelly is Rayko (vocal/guitar/keyboards), Joey Felix (drums), Robby Lochner (lead guitar), and Rain Balen (bass). Dig Jelly is known for their live performances, as they blend raw energy and sex appeal that grabs the attention of everyone in any given venue. Dig Jelly also performed at Pacific Media Expo 2005 and is competing as a top 100 band on NBC's "Star Tomorrow" music competition.

Pacific Media Expo PMX Pacific Music Live rock band Dig JellyDig Jelly traces its roots to Rayko's arrival in the US. Soon after completing junior high in Japan, she left everything behind to pursue a career in music in LA. Having no connections, no friends, and no family, Rayko recorded some demos herself, packed her backpack with samplers, and approached everyone she met. Pep-talking herself to stay positive, and relying on the promises she made to her parents, she took her harshest rejections and turned them into motivation. Nothing could break her determination.

Making a little money on demo sales and odd jobs, she managed to record her first low budget CD, "Purple Shoes". It grabbed the attention of an investor who offered to have it mastered at multi-Grammy winner Glen Ballard's mastering studio in Hollywood.

Rayko followed "Purple Shoes" up with her second CD, "Crave," which Dave Dunn produced and Bob Ludwig mastered. It's full of energetic, high-powered, mind driving songs that showed her deepening song-writing skills and musicianship. The movie "Micro Mini Kids" and MTV's "Undressed" featured songs from Crave.

Rayko started playing at a whole bunch of clubs throughout California and managed to build a huge loyal following for her band RAYKO. After playing with quite a few amazing musicians, Rayko finally found three strangers from Arizona, whom she now calls family. They've all lived, played, and went through some of the toughest times together, and after developing a strong chemistry over the years, Dig Jelly was born.

Dig Jelly independently released their first CD, "For Your Inner Angry Child". It was self-produced by DIG JELLY and engineered by Hector Ramirez at Desert Sands Studios. It comes with 3 bonus tracks produced and engineered at Indigo Ranch Studio by Richard Kaplan, who has engineered for such bands as Korn, the Deftones, and Limp Bizkit.

"For Your Inner Angry Child" showcases Rayko's solid song-writing skills and the band's artistry. Tracks such as "Broken Trust", "Jaded", and "Whatever", with their dynamic sound, acid lyrics, and guitar-driven massive heart attack rhythm leave you feeling like you've just been assaulted! The movies "St. Andrew's Girls" (theme song) by Lincoln Film and "Custody" (ending credits) by Lucid Vision and MTV shows such as "Surf Girls" and "Undressed" featured songs from "For Your Inner Angry Child".

In June 2005, Dig Jelly signed a three-CD-plus recording contract with Centerline Entertainment (based in Santa Monica, CA) along with a worldwide distribution deal through D1 Music/IDN Innovative Corp. Five months later, Centerline released a repackaged "For Your Inner Angry Child" during DIG JELLYs national tour with Veruca Salt and the Lovemakers of Interscope records.

If you enjoy live performances, Dig Jelly is the band to watch. Their in your face attitude and showmanship on stage are well received by audiences. Mind-blowing live performances demonstrate the bands unmistakable chemistry and musicianship. Show after show has proven to be a testament to their hard work and dedication. After playing 35 shows in 6 packed weeks during their recent national tour, they're ready for everything and anything more than ever!

This is Dig Jelly:
Dig Jelly
P.O. Box 5163
Beverly Hills, CA 90209
Tel: 1-877-DIG-ROQS

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