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Pacific Media Expo PMX Twisted Tea Party cosplay gothic lolitaThe Twisted Tea Party is where you and your team can strut your stuff in costuming and presentation skills. The goal of this event is simple: create a living exhibit of a Lolita Tea Party complete with backdrops, costumes, and props. It can be any genre, such as Sweet Loli, Guro Loli, Elegant Aristocrat, or invent your own. This is a great opportunity for all you budding costume, interior, and visual communication designers to combine forces, create a stunning exhibit, and add a very unique entry to your portfolios. Basic materials such as tables, chairs, and benches will be provided upon request, and we'll even foot the bill for transporting your scenery and props to/from PMX. There will be press coverage, and prizes for the overall best exhibits.

Celga Cosplay Oneesan Please keep in mind, this is not a competition; rather, it is an exhibit of talents without peer pressure. Prizes are awarded at the Lolita Hostess' discretion. The event is designed to promote and encourage Lolita inspired artists to challenge themselves and be recognized for their achievements. An award will be given to the group who demonstrates the greatest artistic potential, as well as innovations which benefit the community as a whole. In addition to a base prize of $100, Celga Inc. has generously donated a $100 gift certificate for this event.

Rules and procedures:

  • All participants must be registered members of PMX, and must also pre-register with the Lolita Hostess by Oct. 18, 2006. Early registration is highly recommended to allow more time for logistics coordination. A rough sketch and brief project explanation are also required for entry. Please supply your entry, preferably in PDF or RTF (rich text format), along with JPEG or PNG graphics, to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . MS Word .doc format will not be accepted. If you are unable to generate these formats, you may still enter by conventional mail. However, please make sure we receive your entry before the deadline listed above (and email us so we know to expect it).
  • Your innovation(s) must be clearly documented, and made available for public non-profit use. If your exhibit has already won a prize from another event, you may still showcase your exhibit, but you will not be eligible for the Hostess' critique or prizes. This event is for showcasing new talent and exhibits that have not already swept other conventions for awards.
  • Combined weight and girth of your scenery, excluding costumes, must be less than 75lbs. Please email the Hostess to arrange shipment details. Maximum of 6 people in each group. 5 may be part of the set scenery; 1 person in each group should play the role of a curator who interfaces with the public and press. All scenery must fit within a rectangular space no larger than 11x13 feet. Theatrical stands, trusses, and clamps may be used, but you must observe fire and safety regulations.
  • Only faux food or drinks should be used.
  • All productions must be rated PG-13 or less (ie. your grandmother should be able to view it without needing medical attention). A hostess' critique is available for participating groups. Those who participate in the critique are eligible for the Twisted Tea Party Hostess' Prize.
  • Each group may have access to a circular table, and 5 hotel style chairs or 2 benches. You have the option of one power outlet with maximum power consumption of 1 amp; please bring your own extension cords. Describe your powered equipment in your entry, as the Hostess needs to review it for fire and safety regulations. All powered equipment must be approved by the Hotess prior to the event.
  • Common courtesy demands that elements such as music, fog, or aromas which may invade your neighbors' exhibits must be kept under control. For example, consider how museum exhibits are set up. Please discuss any such elements in your exhibit with the Hostess.
  • Event participants will have access to the Tea Party exhibit room for at least 1 hour of setup time prior to the event. This may be earlier in the day, exact time TBA. Between setup and the event itself the Tea Party exhibit room will be closed and locked.
  • A mandatory orientation meeting (for sign-in, inventory, and general communication) will be held the morning of Saturday Oct 28th, exact time TBA.

Hostess' prize procedure:

During the exhibit the hostess will examine your creation and form an opinion rating. Your curator (your group representative) will be asked a number of questions about your exhibit. Some common questions will be:
  • What are your inspiration(s) for this project?
  • What aspects of your project contribute to the community?
  • How was it constructed?
  • What is your overall message to viewers, and why did you choose this message?
  • Why did you choose a given material for some aspect of your project?
  • What special features does your exhibit have? Can you demonstrate them?

Twisted Tea Party Registration Form

Please see the twisted tea party registration form for instructions on how to submit your entry.
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