PMX Hotel Room Autograph Raffle


If you are registered to an LAX Hilton room for Pacific Media Expo, you qualify for a wildcard raffle ticket for the Guest of Honor autograph sessions. Here's how it works:

1) When you first check into your room, obtain a copy of your LAX Hilton Hotel receipt, listing the people that will be residing in your room.

2) Bring the receipt to Programming Operations, located in the San Lorenzo D room on the second floor.

3) A PMX representative will then add your names to our record and give you a wild card raffle ticket (valid only for the names on the receipt and limited to 4 people per room).

4) Keep your half of the ticket. The other will be placed into a bowl to be included in the raffle for a PMX 2006 Guest of Honor. Submissions will only be considered if they are given to Programming Operations prior to the actual "draw" for the Guest of Honor.

5) Winners will be posted at Merchandise/Information Desk, located in the lobby area outside of Main Events and Live Programming 1.

Increase your chances for autographs by going to the panel as well!

For more information on the autograph policy, please visit the Policies & FAQ's section.