Geneon Presents The Paradise Kiss Panel

They're young, they're gorgeous, they're the students of the Yazawa School of Design. Trendy fashion and torrid romance is the name of the game in "Paradise Kiss" from Geneon Entertainment. Hit the catwalk with anime fashion gurus Stephanie Sheh (Director of the English language dub) and DVD Producer Sawako Furuya, as they provide you with the latest runway news on this fresh and addictively entertaining anime series, along with insight on the production of the English language dub. Based on the internationally popular shojo manga of the same name by acclaimed creator Ai Yazawa (Nana, Gokinjo Monogatari), "Paradise Kiss" series features stylish animation, great theme songs and and some incredibly stunning gothic and lolita fashion designs. Following the panel will be a screening of the English language version of "Parakiss." (12 pm / Live Programming 2/Video 1)