Thank You For Attending
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PMX 2006 was a blast! We would like to thank our Guests of Honor, OLIVIA, UchuSentai NOIZ, Novala Takemoto, Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, as well as our special guests, MECHANiCAL PANDA, Random Ninjas, Dig Jelly, Kyle Hebert, Stephanie Sheh, and Sifu Kisu for their participation. We would also like to thank our staff and crew for lending their time and effort. And we would like to thank you, our attendees, for sharing this awesome experience with us.

PMX appreciates all of our participants for making this year a huge success!

And don't let your PMX 2006 memories fade away. Commemorate the first U.S. performances of OLIVIA and UchuSentai NOIZ with a limited edition PMX T-shirt. We will even ship to Japan! (Sorry, cute girl not included.)