2½ days of FUN!

Pacific Media Expo 2007
Veterans' Day
Holiday Weekend
November 9 to 11, 2007
Hilton Los Angeles Airport


June Raffle
Win a softbound Japanese script for the anime Claymore autographed by Takahiro Umehara, and 2 PMX 08 full badges! (June Raffle closed on 06.30.08) (06.20.08)

PMX 2008
PMX will be returning to the LAX Hilton during Veterans Day Weekend, November 7-9, 2008. (06.08.08)

May Raffle
Win an autographed DVD of Flash Point and Goodies from The Forbidden Kingdom! (May Raffle closed on 05.31.08) (05.16.08)

April Raffle
Win an autographed CD from the band The Slants! (April Raffle closed on 04.30.08) (04.24.08)

March Raffle
Win an Angelic Pretty poster, signed by Maki and Asuka! (March Raffle closed on 03.31.08) (03.24.08)

February Raffle
Win a DVD Box Set of the K-Drama series My Lovely Sam Soon, and 2 free memberships to PMX 2008! (February Raffle closed on 02.29.08) (02.21.08)

January Raffle
Win an autographed Thee Out Mods demo CD, and 4 free memberships to PMX 2008! (January Raffle closed on 01.25.08) (01.16.08)

Photo Album / '08 Pre-Reg
Myspace photo album has been posted! For returning members, we are offering November 11, 2007 ONLY a $20 special price on pre-registration for PMX 2008. (11.11.07)

Ragnaholics Unite!
The Ragnaholics forum is hosting a Ragnarok Online panel with special guests from the game. Saturday, Nov. 10 from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Pasadena Hollywood Gardens. Q&A, games, prizes and fun!. (11.08.07)

Anime Schedule Added
The detailed schedule grids have been updated. (11.07.07)

Anime consumes another
Kenjiro Tsuda will be unable to attend PMX due to scheduling conflicts with a new anime project. (11.06.07)

James Kyson Lee
James plays Ando on Heroes and will be appearing at PMX this year! (11.06.07)

K-Drama Track Expanded
The detailed schedule grids have been updated. (11.05.07)

PMX Facebook Event
Facebook users, please join our facebook event and invite your friends! (11.05.07)

Collin Chou
This martial arts movie veteran will discuss his career and talk about his latest project. (11.05.07)

A day with Spike Spencer
Voice Actor Spike Spencer educates and entertains all comers at his three panels on Sunday. (11.05.07)

Asian Food Challenge
Only the strongest stomach shall prevail! Rules, prizes, and sign-up information are here. (11.05.07)

OLIVIA auction is over!
The PMX06 guitar autographed by OLIVIA has been SOLD for 101,100 Yen! (11.05.07)

Programming Schedule
It's here! The grid schedules for programming are up on the Programming Page. (11.05.07)

Convention Hours
An overview of PMX convention hours has been posted to the home page. (11.04.07)

Live programming
Descriptions of the Panels and Workshops at PMX has been posted. (11.01.07)

Movies and drama
PMX announces the Asian Cinema and Korean Drama that will be shown during the convention. (11.01.07)

OLIVIA auction is live!
PMX is auctioning off a Roswell Rhoads Jackson custom electric guitar autographed by OLIVIA. (10.26.07)

Brunch tickets are OPEN!
Enjoy an elegant tea party while you watch a runway fashion show of Angelic Pretty's new Sweet Lolita fall collection. Details here. (10.26.07)

Concert ticketing
The policy for concert tickets have been posted in the Music tab. Performance dates have also been posted. (10.25.07)

Gothic lead
Cure Magazine and Anime Jungle are bringing MYM, lead vocalist of the Japanese Gothic rock band GaGaalinG for an autograph signing in the Exhibit Hall. (10.25.07)

CosFest signups
Registration for the PMX CosFest is now open. (10.23.07)

Pumping the phones
PMX adds Head Phones President to its music lineup. (10.22.07)

Artists signups
The Exhibits tab has been updated with information on how to sign up for Artists Market tables and Exhibit Hall booths. (10.22.07)

Scouting the area
The Location tab has been updated with information about nearby eateries and parking options. (10.22.07)

All dressed up...
The dress code for the Angelic Pretty Fashion Brunch have been posted. (10.19.07)

New tunes
Check out samples of music from The Candy Spooky Theater in the music player above. (10.16.07)

Bringing more music
PMX adds two more bands to its lineup: The Candy Spooky Theater and D&L. (10.15.07)

More hip-hop
Hip-hop crews Kaba Modern and Get Down Dolls will be participating in PMX's .pure furisuta event. (10.15.07)

Three more guests
PMX announces a trio of anime guests of honor: Voice actress Yukana, Director Hiroyuki Tanaka, and Character designer and animator Takahiro Umehara. (10.14.07)

Angelic Pretty designers
Information about Angelic Pretty designers Asuka and Maki have been added. (10.05.07)

Twisted Tea Party 2007
Information and rules for the Twisted Tea Party has been posted. (10.05.07)

The Slants to perform
Enjoy the dance/rock blend of The Slants. Clear your cache and check out their music samples on the streaming audio player above. (10.04.07)

OLIVIA guitar auction
The auctioning of the custom OLIVIA guitar will start Oct. 28. Stay tuned for more information. (10.03.07)

Fly to PMX
Take American Airlines to LAX and receive a 5% discount on your ticket. See our Location page for more information. (10.03.07)

Press, industry & panel registration available
Please see here for press and here for industry and panel reg. (09.27.07)

hip-hop dance exhibition
.pure furisuta is an evening of dance performances and an afternoon of workshops, featuring crews from Southern California. Special guest performance from one of So.Cali's #1 b-boy/hip-hop crews, Sickstep. (09.25.07)

Loli news
PMX announces the attendance of Angelic Pretty. Designers Maki and Asuka will be participating in a variety of events, including a brunch and boutique. (09.24.07)

Time extended!
We're extending the first registration deadline due to an imminent announcement. Take advantage of the pre-reg discount. Click to register for PMX. (09.20.07)

Thee Out Mods to perform
Local j-rockers Thee Out Mods join the PMX lineup and will be playing with LiN CLOVER. (09.18.07)

LiN CLOVER to perform
Japanese band LiN CLOVER will be attending PMX as performing guests of honor. Check out their music samples on the streaming audio player above. (09.15.07)

Volunteer for PMX
Spend a few hours each day helping out PMX and earn yourself free admission and maybe more. Click for more details. (09.13.07)

Weapons policy posted
The cosplay weapons policy is now online. (09.10.07)

Online registration is open
Register for PMX now! (09.06.07)

OLIVIA guitar auction
PMX and AVEX have joined to offer up a custom guitar signed by OLIVIA and her band. Win the guitar featured in OLIVIA's "Into the Stars" PV. Auction proceeds benefit aspiring Asian and Asian-American artists. (07.07.07)

Attention all students
PMX introduces a program that allows free admission for select officers of high school and college clubs. For more information, see our Community page. (07.26.06)

Location, location, location
The Hilton hotel is now taking reservations for PMX. Reserve now and secure the special PMX convention rate. See PMX's Location page for more details, or go straight to the Hilton's page specifically for PMX. (07.06.21)
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Thank You For Coming to PMX 2007!

Heroes Ando (James Kyson Lee) thanks all of you for coming to Pacific Media Expo 2007! See you all next year!
Ragnaholics Unite!
Ragnaholics Unite!The Ragnaholic forum presents a Ragnarok Online panel at PMX. Meet and greet two super-secret and super-special guests from the Ragnarok Online world. The panel will beheld 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10 at the Pasadena Hollywood Gardens area of the Hilton. Please note the venue change. There will be prizes, games and a Q&A session.
Event Times and Locations
Click here for detailed information about event times and locations.
Collin Chou

1:00 p.m. Nov. 10 in Pacific Ballroom B

PMX Pacific Media Expo Collin Chou Actor Collin Chou will host a discussion panel and question session ranging from his affiliation with Sammo Hung's stunt team to his roles in the MATRIX series, briefly touching on his upcoming role (that of the Jade Emperor) in THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM.

He will also do an autograph session. (time TBA)

Due to the Writers Guild of America strike that began this week, THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM's producer / writer John Fusco can no longer participate in this event. We understand Mr. Fusco's situation and hope that he is ultimately able to attend.

Veteran Voice Actor Spike Spencer

11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Nov. 11 in room Newport C

PMX Pacific Media Expo American Voice Actor Spike Spencer Spike Spencer has been a voice actor since the early nineties. He has voiced hundreds of episodes of Anime including such notable titles as Evangelion, Battle Angel, Suikoden, Orphen, Spriggan, Nadesico, and currently in production on MAR and BLEACH. He has also voiced many radio and television commercials, video games (including "World of Warcraft"), and several other projects.

Asian Food Challenge
New for 2007, it's The PMX Asian Food Challenge! Last stomach standing wins!

So you think you're a competition food eater and you want to be the next Takeru Kobayashi? Not after this you won't! Go ahead and face your fears by joining the first ever PMX Asian Food Challenge! Ten foods from Asia will assault your taste buds and curdle your blood. In the end, only one will stand as champion! Will it be you?

1st Prize:$100 in cash and a free PMX 2008 badge
2nd Prize:A PMX T-shirt and a free PMX 2008 badge
3rd Prize:A free PMX 2008 badge

... and of course, bragging rights for your place in the winner's circle on the PMX website after con.

MYM of GaGaalinG

2:30 p.m. Nov. 11 at the Anime Jungle booth

Pacific Media Expo PMX MYM GaGaalinG
Pacific Media Expo PMX MYM GaGaalinG
MYM, the lead singer of Japanese Gothic rock band GaGaalinG will be signing autographs at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 11 at the Anime Jungle booth in the PMX Exhibit Hall.

MYM appears by special arrangement with Anime Jungle and Cure Magazine.

Cosplay Festival (CosFest)
Pacific Media Expo PMX CosFest cosplay costume competition CosFest is our Pacific Media Expo's cosplay competition! Everyone is encouraged to attend this well-loved event! This will truly be a cosplay extravaganza with great skits, special performances, and amazing costumes. Take it to the next level and enter the PMX CosFest and compete against your fellow fans for cash and prizes! Show off your costuming skills! Producers, step right up and make your audience laugh, cry, or gasp in amazement at your skills! Start thinking about who you want to be and be ready to enter! Find out more information at our CosFest page.

.pure furisuta
"Let us BREAK you up, and PUMP you out!"

.pure freestyle PMX Pacific Media Expo .pure furisuta, Japanese slang for freestyle, will be the first of its kind to hit the Asian Convention scene in the U.S.A.

Be a part of Asian Culture history this year and join us at .pure furisuta (.pure freestyle/.pufuri). Open to all PMX attendees, this event will be one night of performances by different crews from Southern California and one afternoon of workshops.

.pure furisuta will meld the origins of hip hop dance culture with modern-day hip hop. Two different worlds will collide and break-in each other's world. Anime lovers and music lovers will get a taste of what’s truly an underground and long-forgotten lifestyle. Hip hop, b-boys/b-girls and poppers will get a sneak peek into what the rest of the Asian culture fan scene is up to.

A Moment With Wong Fu Productions

Saturday, 3 to 4:30 p.m. at LP2/Video 1

Wong Fu Productions PMX Pacific Media Expo Starting out in 2003 as just making fun videos and sharing them online, Wong Fu Productions has since grown into so much more. Over the years they've quickly gained a large fanbase around the world who enjoyed their work and positive image. From just a few hundred downloads to over 2 million, Wong Fu's influence and appeal keeps spreading.

Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang, work extremely hard to evolve Wong Fu Productions' internet fame to something more. Though not seeking to forget about their online videos, Wong Fu has already made a feature length film, and is beginning to work with other artists and producers on bigger projects.

As their reach and influence grows everyday, the guys have not lost their original focus: to have fun, be creative, improve and learn, and make people smile.

Find more information about Wong Fu Productions at its website.

Angelic Pretty Fashion Brunch
Angelic Pretty Fashion Brunch All 16 Head Table seats sold out in less than TWO MINUTES!

The Angelic Pretty Fashion Brunch is an opportunity for fans of Sweet Lolita fashion to relax and interact with PMX Guests of Honor Maki and Asuka; brand designers. It is a rare chance to watch them discuss and reveal their work in an intimate environment.

The event will be hosted by our Guests of Honor as they preview their new Sweet Lolita fall collection. Seating is limited and requires an additional ticket purchase.

There will be two Head Tables (8 participants each) at which the two designers will be seated, 3 Inner Tables (8-10 participants each) surrounding them, and 5 Outer Tables (also 8-10 participants each).

sickstep PMX Pacific Media Expo Sick • Step =
Sick + Step
(founded November 2003)

1. sick (adj.)
slang: cool, original, uniquely stylish in an often abstract way usage: That's a sick outfit.
2. step (n.)
one of a series of rhythmical, patterned movements of the feet used in a dance.
3. six step (n.)
a pattern of six steps of the feet traveling around a shifting placement of the hands; the fundamental movement that forms the foundation of "floor-rock" or bboy footwork.
4. sick • step (n.)
a close-knit family of dancers, a band of brothers, influenced by the foundations of hip hop -- experimenting with unique and abstract styles of movement.

Late Nite Guitar Hero Jam Session

The first night of the convention, midnight to 3 a.m., in Video Room 2 (Newport B)

Pacific Media Expo PMX Guitar Hero Rock out with your socks out!

PMX is hosting a late nite shoeless jam session of Guitar Hero. It's time to let loose and show off your licks. There's nothing like playing Guitar Hero on a projector screen that's larger than life.

Game play will concentrate on two-player games to maximize the experience. Come with a partner, or we can pair you up. Cooperative play, head-to-head challenges or difficulty levels will be chosen by the playing pair. Console will be the PlayStation 2. Sign up to play at the door.

Twisted Tea Party
twisted tea party PMX Pacific Media Expo The Twisted Tea Party is an event where you and your team display your costuming and presentation skills. The goal of this event is simple: create a living visual exhibit of a Lolita Tea Party complete with backdrops, costumes, and props. The set up can be any genre, such as Sweet Loli, Guro Loli, Elegant Aristocrat, or even one your own invention. This is a great opportunity for all you budding costume, interior and visual communication designers to combine forces and create a stunning exhibit.

The Twisted Tea Party is generously supported by Dream Shoppe and Pop Japan Travel. Visit Dream Shoppe in the PMX Exhibit Hall, booth 303.

J-Rock Musician Tomo Asaha of echostream

3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Nov. 11 in room Newport C

PMX Pacific Media Expo J-Rock Tomo Asaha echostream Tomo Asaha is the guitarist from the electronic rock band, echostream. Tomo's diary, "Tomo's Room: a Visual Diary from Japan to America", can be read in Animefood Magazine. For the guests at PMX that attend his panel, they will receive a free DVD of 2 videos plus a limited edition magazine made only for PMX that will have his diary inside.

Tomo Asaha and Animefood Magazine will also be available in the Foyer outside the International and Pacific Ballrooms.

Veteran Voice Actor Patrick Seitz

4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Nov. 10 in room Pacific Ballroom A

PMX Pacific Media Expo American voice actor Patrick Seitz Patrick Seitz is a Los Angeles voiceover actor, script adapter and ADR director who has been fortunate enough to work on nearly 100 anime and video game titles during the last few years.

PMX Preview from Alternate Visions!

A word from our partners...

Thanks to our friends from Alternate Visions for the preview of PMX 2007! Check out what we have in store this year!

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