2 days of FUN!

Pacific Media Expo 2007
Veterans' Day
Holiday Weekend
November 9 to 11, 2007
Hilton Los Angeles Airport


June Raffle
Win a softbound Japanese script for the anime Claymore autographed by Takahiro Umehara, and 2 PMX 08 full badges! (June Raffle closed on 06.30.08) (06.20.08)

PMX 2008
PMX will be returning to the LAX Hilton during Veterans Day Weekend, November 7-9, 2008. (06.08.08)

May Raffle
Win an autographed DVD of Flash Point and Goodies from The Forbidden Kingdom! (May Raffle closed on 05.31.08) (05.16.08)

April Raffle
Win an autographed CD from the band The Slants! (April Raffle closed on 04.30.08) (04.24.08)

March Raffle
Win an Angelic Pretty poster, signed by Maki and Asuka! (March Raffle closed on 03.31.08) (03.24.08)

February Raffle
Win a DVD Box Set of the K-Drama series My Lovely Sam Soon, and 2 free memberships to PMX 2008! (February Raffle closed on 02.29.08) (02.21.08)

January Raffle
Win an autographed Thee Out Mods demo CD, and 4 free memberships to PMX 2008! (January Raffle closed on 01.25.08) (01.16.08)

Photo Album / '08 Pre-Reg
Myspace photo album has been posted! For returning members, we are offering November 11, 2007 ONLY a $20 special price on pre-registration for PMX 2008. (11.11.07)

Ragnaholics Unite!
The Ragnaholics forum is hosting a Ragnarok Online panel with special guests from the game. Saturday, Nov. 10 from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Pasadena Hollywood Gardens. Q&A, games, prizes and fun!. (11.08.07)

Anime Schedule Added
The detailed schedule grids have been updated. (11.07.07)

Anime consumes another
Kenjiro Tsuda will be unable to attend PMX due to scheduling conflicts with a new anime project. (11.06.07)

James Kyson Lee
James plays Ando on Heroes and will be appearing at PMX this year! (11.06.07)

K-Drama Track Expanded
The detailed schedule grids have been updated. (11.05.07)

PMX Facebook Event
Facebook users, please join our facebook event and invite your friends! (11.05.07)

Collin Chou
This martial arts movie veteran will discuss his career and talk about his latest project. (11.05.07)

A day with Spike Spencer
Voice Actor Spike Spencer educates and entertains all comers at his three panels on Sunday. (11.05.07)

Asian Food Challenge
Only the strongest stomach shall prevail! Rules, prizes, and sign-up information are here. (11.05.07)

OLIVIA auction is over!
The PMX06 guitar autographed by OLIVIA has been SOLD for 101,100 Yen! (11.05.07)

Programming Schedule
It's here! The grid schedules for programming are up on the Programming Page. (11.05.07)

Convention Hours
An overview of PMX convention hours has been posted to the home page. (11.04.07)

Live programming
Descriptions of the Panels and Workshops at PMX has been posted. (11.01.07)

Movies and drama
PMX announces the Asian Cinema and Korean Drama that will be shown during the convention. (11.01.07)

OLIVIA auction is live!
PMX is auctioning off a Roswell Rhoads Jackson custom electric guitar autographed by OLIVIA. (10.26.07)

Brunch tickets are OPEN!
Enjoy an elegant tea party while you watch a runway fashion show of Angelic Pretty's new Sweet Lolita fall collection. Details here. (10.26.07)

Concert ticketing
The policy for concert tickets have been posted in the Music tab. Performance dates have also been posted. (10.25.07)

Gothic lead
Cure Magazine and Anime Jungle are bringing MYM, lead vocalist of the Japanese Gothic rock band GaGaalinG for an autograph signing in the Exhibit Hall. (10.25.07)

CosFest signups
Registration for the PMX CosFest is now open. (10.23.07)

Pumping the phones
PMX adds Head Phones President to its music lineup. (10.22.07)

Artists signups
The Exhibits tab has been updated with information on how to sign up for Artists Market tables and Exhibit Hall booths. (10.22.07)

Scouting the area
The Location tab has been updated with information about nearby eateries and parking options. (10.22.07)

All dressed up...
The dress code for the Angelic Pretty Fashion Brunch have been posted. (10.19.07)

New tunes
Check out samples of music from The Candy Spooky Theater in the music player above. (10.16.07)

Bringing more music
PMX adds two more bands to its lineup: The Candy Spooky Theater and D&L. (10.15.07)

More hip-hop
Hip-hop crews Kaba Modern and Get Down Dolls will be participating in PMX's .pure furisuta event. (10.15.07)

Three more guests
PMX announces a trio of anime guests of honor: Voice actress Yukana, Director Hiroyuki Tanaka, and Character designer and animator Takahiro Umehara. (10.14.07)

Angelic Pretty designers
Information about Angelic Pretty designers Asuka and Maki have been added. (10.05.07)

Twisted Tea Party 2007
Information and rules for the Twisted Tea Party has been posted. (10.05.07)

The Slants to perform
Enjoy the dance/rock blend of The Slants. Clear your cache and check out their music samples on the streaming audio player above. (10.04.07)

OLIVIA guitar auction
The auctioning of the custom OLIVIA guitar will start Oct. 28. Stay tuned for more information. (10.03.07)

Fly to PMX
Take American Airlines to LAX and receive a 5% discount on your ticket. See our Location page for more information. (10.03.07)

Press, industry & panel registration available
Please see here for press and here for industry and panel reg. (09.27.07)

hip-hop dance exhibition
.pure furisuta is an evening of dance performances and an afternoon of workshops, featuring crews from Southern California. Special guest performance from one of So.Cali's #1 b-boy/hip-hop crews, Sickstep. (09.25.07)

Loli news
PMX announces the attendance of Angelic Pretty. Designers Maki and Asuka will be participating in a variety of events, including a brunch and boutique. (09.24.07)

Time extended!
We're extending the first registration deadline due to an imminent announcement. Take advantage of the pre-reg discount. Click to register for PMX. (09.20.07)

Thee Out Mods to perform
Local j-rockers Thee Out Mods join the PMX lineup and will be playing with LiN CLOVER. (09.18.07)

LiN CLOVER to perform
Japanese band LiN CLOVER will be attending PMX as performing guests of honor. Check out their music samples on the streaming audio player above. (09.15.07)

Volunteer for PMX
Spend a few hours each day helping out PMX and earn yourself free admission and maybe more. Click for more details. (09.13.07)

Weapons policy posted
The cosplay weapons policy is now online. (09.10.07)

Online registration is open
Register for PMX now! (09.06.07)

OLIVIA guitar auction
PMX and AVEX have joined to offer up a custom guitar signed by OLIVIA and her band. Win the guitar featured in OLIVIA's "Into the Stars" PV. Auction proceeds benefit aspiring Asian and Asian-American artists. (07.07.07)

Attention all students
PMX introduces a program that allows free admission for select officers of high school and college clubs. For more information, see our Community page. (07.26.06)

Location, location, location
The Hilton hotel is now taking reservations for PMX. Reserve now and secure the special PMX convention rate. See PMX's Location page for more details, or go straight to the Hilton's page specifically for PMX. (07.06.21)
Twisted Tea Party
twisted tea party PMX Pacific Media Expo The Twisted Tea Party is an event where you and your team display your costuming and presentation skills. The goal of this event is simple: create a living visual exhibit of a Lolita Tea Party complete with backdrops, costumes, and props. The set up can be any genre, such as Sweet Loli, Guro Loli, Elegant Aristocrat, or even one your own invention. This is a great opportunity for all you budding costume, interior and visual communication designers to combine forces and create a stunning exhibit.

The Twisted Tea Party is generously supported by Dream Shoppe and Pop Japan Travel. Visit Dream Shoppe in the PMX Exhibit Hall, booth 303.

The event is designed to promote and encourage Lolita inspired artists to challenge themselves, and be recognized for their achievements. Twisted Tea Party is an exhibit of talents without peer pressure, rather than a competition. An award will be given to the group who demonstrates the greatest artistic potential, and innovations that benefit the community as a whole.

Rules and procedures:

  • All participants must be registered members of PMX, and must also pre-register with Cosplay Oneesan by October 30th, 2007. Early registration is highly recommended to allow more time for logistics coordination. A rough sketch and brief project explanation are also required for entry. Please supply your entry, preferably in PDF or RTF (rich text format), along with JPEG or PNG graphics, so we can have a visual reference. MS Word .doc format will not be accepted. Please send all entries to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it before the October 30th deadline. We are unable to receive entries and submissions via conventional mail.
  • Your innovation(s) must be clearly documented and made available for public non-profit use.
  • If your exhibit has already won a prize from another event you may still showcase your exhibit, but you will not be eligible for prizes. This event is for showcasing new talent, rather than exhibits that have previously swept other conventions for awards.
  • Combined weight of your scenery (excluding costumes), must be less than 75 pounds. Please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to arrange shipment details.
  • Maximum of six (6) people in each group. Five (5) may be part of the set scenery; one (1) person in each group should play the role of a curator who interfaces with the public and press.
  • All scenery must fit within a rectangular space no larger than 11 feet by 13 feet. Theatrical stands, trusses, and clamps may be used, but you must observe fire and safety regulations.
  • Only faux food or drinks should be used.
  • All productions must be rated PG-13 or less (i.e. your grandmother should be able to view it without needing medical attention).
  • Each group may have access to a circular table and five (5) hotel style chairs, or two (2) benches. You have the option of one power outlet with maximum power consumption of 1 amp; please bring your own extension cords. Describe your powered equipment in your entry, as Cosplay Oneesan needs to review it for fire and safety regulations. All powered equipment must be approved prior to the event.
  • Common courtesy demands that elements such as music, fog, or aromas which may invade your neighbors' exhibits must be kept under control. For example, consider how museum exhibits are set up. Please discuss any such elements in your exhibit beforehand.
  • Event participants will have access to the Twisted Tea Party exhibit room for at least 1 hour of setup time prior to the event. This may be earlier in the day, exact time TBA. Between setup and the event itself the Twisted Tea Party exhibit room will be closed and locked.
  • A mandatory orientation meeting (for sign-in, inventory, and general communication) will be held on the event day, exact time TBA.

Prize procedure:

During the exhibit the hostess will examine your creation and form an opinion rating. Your curator (your group representative) will be asked a number of questions about your exhibit. Some common questions will be:
  • What are your inspiration(s) for this project?
  • What aspects of your project contribute to the community?
  • How was it constructed?
  • What is your overall message to viewers, and why did you choose this message?
  • Why did you choose a given material for some aspect of your project?
  • What special features does your exhibit have? Can you demonstrate them?

Twisted Tea Party is generously supported by:

Come visit Dream Shoppe in the PMX Exhibit Hall, booth 303.

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