Psycho Le Cému Concert Information

The Psycho invasion is coming to PMX 2004!! This will be Psycho Le Cému’s first U.S. appearance!

This five member band has sold out CD’s, and concert halls all over Japan since 1999. The band has stayed distinctive from other visual bands with their consistent change of look. They have been on several covers of premiere visual and Jrock magazines including, Gothic Lolita Bible. Psycho le Cému is a highly energetic band that is well known for their interaction with their audiences. Their record label, Sweet Child, is shared with other well known acts such as Luna Sea, Pierrot, Plastic Tree, and more.

General admission is free. A limited number of priority seats will be available for $10 each. General admission will still be free. Information private party, and other events with Psycho Le Cému will be available at VIP memberships go on sale starting April 30th.


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