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Synthpop from the Darkside

If you think synthpop is too sweet and your teeth hurt every time you sample it then explore the fascination on the Darkside with San Francisco's Secret Secret. Structured on a foundation of Gary Numan, Xymox, and the Human League, Secret Secret knows how to craft a song without the aid of nursery rhymes - unless you are talking the Brothers Grimm.

Secret Secret has performed live shows throughout California, Seattle, Portland, New York, and Japan. Secret Secret was featured at the CMJ Music Marathon Musicfest as part of the Sythpop showcase both in 1999 and 2000. This was the first time CMJ presented a Synthpop showcase. In 2001 Secret Secret became a fully international band having played at the first Tokyo Goth and Darkwave, and the World Ele Pop Festival events in Shibuya Japan. Stateside they were featured at the Bizarre Vampire Bazaar Halloween extravaganza.

Secret Secret has graced the pages of Japanese magazines including Gothic Lolita Bible #11 and #12 and plays a big part in Tokyo Dark Castle, the Kobe Underground Festival, and Alamode.

You can find out more information on Secret Secret at their website.

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