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Buddy Network Information

The PMX Buddy Network is a chance for you to help promote us, and in return, we'll help promote you! Also, if the people you refer to us buy membership badges, you'll earn Buddy Credits that you can redeem at the convention.

When you join the PMX Buddy Network, you will be assigned a Buddy Code that can be used as a web coupon code which offers a $1/person discount to anyone registering via this form. This discount is only available through online registration, either pre-paid by mail or paid at-con with a valid registration receipt page from online registration.

Every person who registers with your Buddy Code and pays for a membership earns you Buddy Credits worth a $1 partial refund against one paid registration, at least one of whose members must be you or someone you know. Both General and Group Discount registrations qualify for this. We encourage clubs to register as a group and use a single Buddy Code to share the work as well as the rewards.

Your Buddy Code is also a referrer code that we can use to track click-thrus from your website to ours. You can link directly into a discount registration form for your Buddy Code, or to nearly any page on our site, and we will count their click-thrus towards your position on our click-thru rankings page (coming soon!).


How it Works:

  1. Apply to become a PMX Buddy. Use this form to obtain a Buddy Code and request membership in the PMX Buddy Network. You may specify a list of contact people who will all be authorized to redeem the Buddy Credits earned through your Buddy Code. If you are willing to help place PMX postcards at stores in your area and would like us to contact you, please fill in the Phone Number field of your Buddy Network Registration form.
  2. Register for the convention. You will still need a membership badge to attend the convention. Buddy Contacts are not required to attend the convention, but at least one Buddy Contact must visit registration during the convention if you wish to redeem your Buddy Credits. Additional restrictions apply; see below.
  3. Start linking to us! Your Buddy Code will be able to give discounts and track click-thrus from the moment it is assigned to you. However, earned credits are only redeemable if we ultimately approve your application. Feel free to use our banners and edit their click-thru URLs to reference your Buddy Code. Example URLs are provided below, and more specific examples will appear with your assigned Buddy Code.
  4. Watch for your name in lights! Once you are approved as a Buddy Network member, we will promote you here using the information you gave when you applied, including your name, avatar image (if provided), a website link you would like us to promote, and some descriptive text to explain what that site is about. All content is subject to editing and approval by PMX Staff.
  5. You can also promote offline. There are many people out there in the offline world who don't normally go to conventions, but love the idea of PMX when we explain it to them! We need your help to reach them. Please feel free to download our postcards and handouts and print them out with text added that explains how people can use your Buddy Code to register at a discount. Then, ask shops in your area if they would be willing to display what you've printed out. Some of them will refuse, but many of them won't, and some will ask for more!
  6. Redeem your credits. Due to the ease with which click-thrus and online form submissions can be forged, only paid memberships that were referred through your Buddy Code can earn you Buddy Credits. To redeem your Buddy Credits for a registration refund, at least one Buddy Contact and one person from that registration must visit Pacific Media Expo Registration during the convention and authenticate themselves by Photo ID. The selected registration must be fully paid before any refunds can be issued.
  7. If you have questions: You can contact the Buddy Network Department at


Example Buddy Code URLs:

Pacific Media Expo® site with click-thru
Use this to get people interested. By varying the site-relative path after the Buddy Code, you can create direct links that will all be counted on our click-thru rankings page.
Registration form with click-thru
Sends people to an online registration form which is activated for discounts. Note that you only earn credits for people who use this link and who ultimately pay for their membership.
Static form
Non-web promotion efforts can use this link. It supplies a simple form for entering your Buddy Code, which it then forwards to the registration form link above.
Registration form without click-thru
Use this only if you do not want click-thrus to be counted for your Buddy Code. It is otherwise identical to the registration form link above.


PMX Buddy Network Members

Image PMX Buddy
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Michelle Gardiner avatar image Michelle Gardiner
Not really much to say ^^. I own two domains, which hosts my Gackt fansite, and which hosts my Tennis no Oujisama fansite. That's..about it :)
Jaimie Linker avatar image Jaimie Linker
Come visit my site,, for tons of pictures of Psycho le Cemu and other Jrock bands! Also includes romanized and translated lyrics, blurbs about various artists, and a record of current and upcoming releases of many popular JRock bands.
  Kelly Martin
Jennifer Morgan avatar image Jennifer Morgan
I am J. Bishoujo of the cosplaying group ADJ. Bishoujo! We really are three average cosplayers and we want to see all our fellow cosplyers shine in their best costumes at PMX!
  Michelle Nguyen
Just moved to the CA area for the summer, and am nervous about attending a con without knowing anyone ;.; Looking for a few friends ^.^
  Tina Sy
Reseda HS Anime Club
  Annie Nguyen -- Senior President
Reseda High School, Home of the Future/Present Anime Fans!!
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