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PMX Masquerade Competition

Pacific Media Expo will be hosting Masquerade and Cosplay events. Everyone is encouraged to attend these events and watch fellow fans display their costuming skill and skit creativity! Interested in participating and winning our fabulous prizes? Look no further. The links below will guide you to the stage.

We welcome costumes from J-Rock to J-Pop to Anime to C-Pop to Asian film (such as characters from Battle Royale or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Asian animation (such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Gravitation, or Wonderful Days), Asian comics (such as Card Captor Sakura, I.N.V.U, or Story of the Tao), Asian-origin video games (such as Final Fantasy or Ragnarok Online), or Asian music stars (such as Malice Mizer). We also welcome EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) and EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat).

Being in a Masquerade is simple and fun... just bring a CD of your favorite music, or pick from our collection, and strut your stuff on the stage!

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the Masquerade Coordinator.

Weapons Policy
Music FAQ
Sample Craftsmanship Questions
Craftsmanship Form
Prize Information

PMX Masquerade Permission Form (for those under age 18)

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