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Masquerade Music FAQ

How long can my music selection be?
Two minutes, the maximum skit length.

In what formats will you be accepting music?
Preferably, burned audio CDs. We can accept MP3 files, but preferably we'd like to receive them ahead of time so that we can adjust the audio level to be consistent with the rest of the groups. This will prevent your music from being too soft too hear or too loud to be heard comfortably.

Are you accepting DVD-Rs?
At this time, we are uncertain if we will be able to support audio on DVD-R. We suggest burning a CD instead.

Are you accepting audio tapes?
Audio tapes sound terrible compared to CDs and MP3s. We won't have any equipment to accept audio tapes, so please use some sort of digital format (CD, MP3, WAV, etc.) Note: We cannot accept Real Player or Real Audio files.

Can we record our skit at the convention using your equipment?
Dialog and music must be pre-recorded. If you forget, we will have music CDs at the convention for you to choose from. However, you will not be able to record dialog at the convention.

What's a good piece of editing software?
Our sound coordinator uses Cooledit for PC systems. There is a 30-day free trial to fiddle around with it. However, we encourage you to look around around, there are plenty of software packages out there. For Macs you might want to try SoundEdit, Toast, or Amadeus. For Linux you probably already have ideas if you are a Linux guru. If you have a good sound editing tool to suggest, please send the title of the product to us to post here as a suggestion for others.

I have other questions.
Please post other questions to our Masquerade & Cosplay Forum.

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