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Sample Judging Questions (Craftsmanship Awards)

Please note that this is a sample document and the judging process may not include everything listed below and/or the judges may decide to add to the following questions and observations.

We will compare your costume to the picture or pictures that you provide for us to note accuracy, theme, originality, etc.

Who made this costume?
What is the character?
What series is he/she/it from?
Did you bring reference materials?
How many conventions have you worn this costume at?
How many conventions have you participated in the cosplay competition?

Non-sewn (Molded, Crafted) costumes:
How did you come up with the concept?
What kind of pattern did you use, did you make it from a model/picture or did you see another costume like this and based it on that?
What made you choose these materials? Were they difficult to find?
How is the costume put together? Bolted together? Glued? Paper mache?
Did you make the props yourself, or did you special order them?
How much help did you get? (if any?)
How long did it take you to make it?
We will look at the inside of the costume to make sure the costume is well-constructed and safe to wear.
Did you need to wear special clothing under the costume that can be seen through the joints? Did you make this yourself?

How did you get your accessories (jewelry, large gem props, etc.)? Did you buy them, did you make them?
Did you use commercial patterns, modified patterns, or self-made patterns?
Did you use a sewing machine? what kind of stitches did you use?
Any hand-stitching (that should be checked for neatness)? What kind of hand-sewing was used?
Are the fabric/material edges "finished" or left raw and cut? (this shows time and patience, if you make sure of the quality and details)
What materials did you use?
How are all the parts put together so that it stays ON...? (i.e. velcro, safety pins, hot glue, string, snaps, hook & eyes, buttons, staples, etc...)

Make-up and Hair:
Who did your makeup? Is it stage makeup or special makeup? (We will rate how well the makeup is done)
Is that your natural hair? How long did it take you to style it?
Is that a wig? If so, how long did it take you to style it? Did customize it yourself, or was it made-to-order?

Shoes: Did you purchase or make your shoes?
We will verify that shoes go with costume.

The judges will be present at the Masquerade as well as at appointment judging. We will note the flow and movement of your design before we make a final decision on the award winners.

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