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PMX Masquerade Contestant Timeline

Saturday, May 29, 2004
Time Place Description
10am - 6pm Masq. HQ Check-in
Noon - 6pm Masq. HQ Craftsmanship Judging
Noon - 6pm Masq. HQ Music Submission
Sunday, May 30, 2004
Time Place Description
10am - 2pm Masq. HQ Check-in
10am - 2pm Masq. HQ Emergency Craftsmanship Judging
(requires pre-approval)
10am - 2pm Masq. HQ Music Submission
11am Main Events OPTIONAL Masquerade Rehearsal
3:00pm Masq. HQ Final Masquerade List Posted
6:30pm Main Events Mandatory Masquerade Meeting
7:30pm Main Events Masquerade Seating Begins
8:30pm - 12pm Main Events Masquerade
Monday, May 31, 2004
Time Place Description
10am - 1pm LP3 Masquerade Encore Video
5:00pm LP3 Masquerade Feedback
(at Convention Feedback session)
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