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Music Video Contest
It will have categories for Anime Music Video, Live Action Music Video and Game Music Video. There will also be showcase, for anyone who just wants their vid shown, and those vids will be after the main contest, and if there is enough demand, maybe in another room sometime during the run of the con.

Anime music Video: Drama, Comedy and Action (3 vids each)
Game music video: Drama, Comedy and Action (3 vids each)
Live Action music video: Drama, comedy and Action (3 vids each)
Crossover videos (3 vids)
Total: 30 videos - approx. running time: 2.5 hours

Rules for video submissions:

  • The video must contain ONLY footage from that category. Any videos that contain more than one style of footage (ie, live action and gmv combined) must be entered as a crossover vid.
  • There is no max length for this contest, but keep in mind that your video will be stopped during judging if you bore the judges. So, for your sake as a creator, make your video only as long as it has to be.
  • Only three finalist from each category in each division will make it to finals, but showcase videos have a high chance of being shown just for entertainment purposes.
  • Max of 5 videos submitted per person/group.
  • All videos must be submitted with a cover-page With the person's/group's name, email address, mailing address, video(s) title, footage used, audio used, format and length. Post to the forum for online submissions.
  • Medium accepted is virtually anything... we will email you if your submission has issues.

Submit to:
PMX Music Video Contest
P.O. Box 83661
San Diego, CA 92138

Creators responsible for permissions for footage and audio used. Videos will NOT be returned to Creators.

All video submissions must be in by March 26th, 2004.

Mostly, it is just general music video common sense. Post questions to the PMX Public Forum.

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