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Types Of Autographs

Pacific Media Expo has three types of autograph sessions – Panel Autograph Sessions, Sponsor Autograph Sessions and Open Autograph Sessions. Each has different guidelines, so please read the information carefully. Final decision on all policies rests with the Director of Guest Services. All policies subject to change.

Panel Autograph Sessions
Panel Autograph Sessions are the most common type of autograph session. At each Guest of Honor’s Primary Panel, attendees will be given a two-part ticket as they enter the room. Attendees who are interested in entering a raffle for an autograph should return one part of the ticket. At the end of the panel, autograph winners will be selected from the submitted tickets. A small number of those winners may also qualify for sketches if the Guest of Honor is an artist. The staff must validate winning tickets before they can be redeemed for an autograph or sketch. If not all of the winning tickets are claimed, staff reserves the right to offer standby tickets to any attendees who remain after the panel. A standby ticket does not guarantee an autograph or sketch and will only be honored if time permits. Winning tickets and standby tickets may be redeemed at either of the two Guest of Honor Panel Autograph Sessions.

Sponsor Autograph Sessions
In the case where a company instead of Pacific Media Expo sponsors a Guest of Honor, the Sponsor may decide to hold a separate autograph session on top of the regular autograph sessions that PMX Guests of Honor participate in. The sponsor will dictate the eligibility guidelines of the session, however, since they are hosted by PMX, the same Autograph Policies will be in effect.

Open Autograph Sessions
On the final day of the convention at 10:00 AM, Guests of Honor have the option of participating in our Open Autograph Session. All participating Guests of Honor will be in a single location, signing all the autographs that they can for one hour. Because of the speedy nature of this session, please pay close attention to the Autograph Policies. Please remember that this session if voluntary for Guests of Honor and that many might not be able to participate due to scheduling conflicts.

Autograph Policies

  1. Each Guest of Honor will only be signing one item per person.
  2. Attendees are not allowed to take photos or videos of guests during the autograph sessions.
  3. Attendees must provide their own signing material.
  4. Please verify that Guests of Honor have worked on the items that you are having signed. It is disrespectful to have them sign derivatives of their work or anime/manga adaptations of their work.
  5. It is HIGHLY disrespectful to ask autographs to sign pirated copies of their work.
  6. Even though we have scheduled times and have given out tickets, the ending time for each autograph session is dictated by the Guest of Honor and is subject to change. If the Guest of Honor is tired or not feeling well, PMX reserves the right to end the session early and not honor the remaining tickets.

Photograph and Video Policy

  • Photographs and videos are allowed during Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies, PMX Charity Auction,
  • Photographs and videos are NOT allowed during the Music Video Contest, all concerts, all video rooms and the art show.
  • Photographs and videos are forbidden in Guest of Honor personal zones – sleeping rooms, green rooms, etc.
  • Video taping that will inconvenience attendees (e.g. blocking views, moving people around, etc.) is probited.
  • Unless otherwise specified at the beginning of a panel, photography and video taping are forbidden in all main programming rooms
  • If a Guest of Honor requests to protect their privacy, photography and videotaping may be revoked in any of the approved events.
  • Only the Press Relations Manager can grant exceptions to these rules.
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