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Founded in 1999 by five young men, Silver Ash was comprised of Ling, Zhen, Hong, Lucy, and Nancy.

Prior to signing with Scream Records in 2000, Nancy took his departure from his band to study abroad in Canada.
Having released their first demo, titled "Organum" in 2000. Their appearance on the Chinese music scene instantly took upon notice of big media syndicates such as MTV China and Yahoo! China News. Following the release of their first single, "Lunar Eclipse", the band created a music video for national airplay that now receives airplay from MTV2 in America. With the launch of their single, Silver Ash released their first full-length album, "Silver Ash" in January of 2001, and launched a nation-wide tour that took them to all the ten major cities of mainland China following the release.

Throughout this time, two very prominent bands in the Japanese music industry were scheduled to perform as opening guests for Silver Ash's concerts -- Kagerou and Dir en grey were both booked to be the opening act at Shanghai's "The Ark" for two separate shows, however, due to the fact that the venue wasn't very big, these shows ended up becoming one-man lives that Silver Ash did not perform at. However, being able to be booked with such acts is quite an accomplishment that most groups do not have the chance to have.

In 2002, Lucy (Guo Tie Jun), who had been acting as the band's guitarist decided to take his leave from the band after conflicts in artistic creativity. He now is a solo neo-classical guitarist and has released an instrumental compilation on Scream Records. In May of 2002, Silver Ash acquired their current guitarist -- Yue, from BaoDing. The lineup was now officially Ling, Yue, Hong, and Zhen.

In July of 2002, Scream Records began working with the concept of branching out into the United States and began planning Silver Ash's United States tour that would bring them to America in the summer of 2003. In the meantime, Silver Ash recorded and released a new single, "Never End". They launched their second tour, titled "Never End Li Evil Spirit Tour" in late September 2002, which lasted until December 2002. "Never End" was released in the United States in January of 2003 by Scream Records USA.

During this time, Scream Records USA representatives had begun work on booking Silver Ash in the United States. Having mapped out an entire one month plan that would take Silver Ash to four anime conventions in Orlando, Florida; Baltimore, Maryland; Rye Brook, New York; and New York, New York, the tour was a highly publicized event that received mention from various media sources in the United States. Unfortunately, this tour was cancelled due to the SARS epidemic and Silver Ash's activities became dormant for some time.

After resuming activity in August 2003, Silver Ash performed in various music festivals and had been booked to perform with Sons of All Pussy (SOAP) in an Asian Music Festival at 'The Ark' in Shanghai in November. Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, the entire festival was shut down by local government--one of the first events that publically exhibited Silver Ash's fight against the suppression of artistic expression. The cancellation of this festival received international attention that appeared in The Oricon magazine, which is one of the most respected industry sources in Asia.

In December 2003, Silver Ash changed their lineup again when Hong, the bassist of Silver Ash, left the group due to unreconcilable differences. Quickly, they were able to procure a new bassist two weeks before their show in Chengdu with CMCB and Thin Man. Yu, the new bassist was quickly accepted by the fans, and completed Silver Ash's current lineup which consists of Ling on vocals, Yue on guitar, Yu on bass, and Zhen on drums.

Silver Ash is currently working on their second full-length album which is set to be released Spring/Summer 2004.

Silver Ash has been featured in numerous areas of media since 2001, including The Oricon, The Fader, Newtype USA, Asahi Shimbun, MTV China News, Yahoo! News, Music Rock Magazine, and more. Information on these publications can be provided through request.




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