Concert Information

Information on the concert times, VIP seating, banquet, and photograph session will be available soon! Please check back for updates. Silver Ash is sponsored by Scream Records.

Exclusive Silver Ash CD

Silver Ash's long awaited second album will be released this year at Pacific Media Expo, to take place in Anaheim, CA from May 29th-31st.

Slated to be released exclusively in the United States at Pacific Media Expo, Out of Control, Silver Ash's final album, is probably their most successful compilation as of date. The best representation of the band, Out of Control was recorded with the intent to take their music to the highest level -- breaking boundaries never before thought possible.

We encourage all Silver Ash fans to attend PMX for this release, where Silver Ash will be performing back to back with Psycho le Cému. Any copies of Out of Control that are not sold will be sold online after the convention.


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