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Sponsorship Information

Pacific Media Expo has sponsorships available for companies who want to promote themselves at the largest Asian pop culture show in the country!

Sponsorships are created through donations of either goods and/or services or by paying to sponsor specific events or items.  All donations are aggregated to determine the final level of sponsorship that a company qualifies for.

Sponsorship Levels

Blue & Gold Sponsorship
Platinum Sponsorship
Gold Sponsorship 
Silver Sponsorship $500


Blue & Gold Sponsorship
  • Special terms can be negotiated
Platinum Sponsorship
  • Listing on all convention fliers and commercials
  • 10 tickets to the PMA Industry Reception
  • All Gold Sponsorship benefits
Gold Sponsorship 
  • Announcement of sponsorship during Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • 4 tickets to the PMA Industry Reception
  • All Silver Sponsorship benefits
Silver Sponsorship
  • Listing in program book
  • Listing on website with link
  • 2 tickets to the Industry Reception

Available Sponsorships

Convention Sponsorships
$8,000 Lanyards with PMX& company logo ($1/lanyard x 8K) Available
$4,000  Program Book Available
$4,000 Registration bags (Cobranded) (.50 each x 8K) Available
$2,000 Masquerade AD Vision/Suncost Video
$3,000 Industry Reception  Available
$2,000 Meet the Guest Reception Available
$1,000 Newsletters Available
$1,000 Film Room Sponsorship Available
$1,000 Concert (if applicable) Available
$1,000 Guest of Honor Sponsorship ** Available
$500 Karaoke Contest ($500/night) Available
$500  Dance Sponsorship Available
$500 Green Room Sponsorship Available
$500 Volunteer Room Sponsorship Available
$500  Programming Room Sponsorship Available
$500 Video Room Sponsorship ($500/room)  Available

Media Sponsorships
TBD Ad donations Available

Retail Sponsorships
TBD PMX Poster Retail Placement Available
TBD PMX Flier Distribution Available
TBD Retail Link swap ($5/Tape discount) Available

TM Revolution Concert Sponsorship
TBD Concert Sponsorship Available
TBD Equipment Sponsorship Available


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