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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Whether you are competing for the first time or have a long history with competition, it's always possible we are doing something different than you might expect. It is your responsibility to read the rules and make sure you understand them. It is also your responsibility ask questions if you are confused. We are here to help you. Let us know your questions and we will do our best to clarify. Please feel free to contact the Masquerade Coordinator with your questions and/or comments.

Masquerade Registration

  • You must pre-register for the Masquerade online. Online registration closes on May 15, 2004. You can check to see if you are registered here. Groups 1 - 60 are "Registered Groups", Groups 61+ are the "Waiting List Groups". So, if you are Group 65 that means you are #5 on the Waiting List.

  • The Masquerade Coordinator will be e-mailing the primary contact for your group on a regular basis with imporant updates. You must keep your contact information updated. If your e-mail is bouncing and/or your phone number no longer works, we will be forced to remove you from the Masquerade or the Waiting List. You can update your contact information by e-mailing the Masquerade Coordinator.

  • If there are still openings available, we will have at-con registration. The Masquerade space is limited to 60 spots, therefore you are urged to sign up as soon as possible. A Waiting List of entries will be created in order to fill any spots left vacant by Registered Groups who have canceled. The Waiting List moves into the Registered Groups based on when that person/group registered for the Masquerade. If you are "Waiting List 1" you will be the first to get in if a Registered Group cancels. By being placed on the Waiting List you recognize that you may or may not become a part of the Masquerade Contest.

  • If you are on the Waiting List, especially if you are in the top 20 groups, please be sure to check in at the Masquerade Registration Desk on Sunday, May 30, 2004, from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm to see if there are any spots available. Please bring your entire group, your music (see Music Section), and your script with you.

  • All contestants must be attending members of Pacific Media Expo 2004 and will need to provide a badge at both check-in and at the Masquerade itself.

  • All participants will be asked to sign a permission/waiver form.

  • For legal reasons, minors may not participate in the Masquerade unless given written permission by a legal guardian. We request that the minor's guardian sign the permission/waiver form in advance. Please bring the signed copy with you if you are under 18 years of age.

  • You must check-in to confirm your registration at the Masquerade Registration desk Pacific Media Expo on Saturday, May 29 or Sunday, May 30, 2004. The hours and location of the Masquerade Check-in will be posted on the Masquerade Timeline.

  • Everyone must checked in and have their music/audio (see Music Section) confirmed by 2:00 pm Sunday, May 30, 2004, or you will not be allowed to participate.

Basic Requirements

  • All costumes must be based on Asian film (such as characters from Battle Royale (Japan) or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (China)),Asian animation (such as the Japanese animation Yu-Gi-Oh or the Korean animation Wonderful Days), Asian comics (such as the Japanese Card Captor Sakura, Korean I.N.V.U, or Chinese Story of the Tao), Asian-origin video game (such as Final Fantasy or Ragnarok Online), or Asian music stars (such as Malice Mizer). The rule of thumb is: if the series and/or character originated anywhere else than the Pacific, it doesn't qualify. If you aren't sure, ask.

  • Your presentation must be directly related to Asian popular culture. We do allow the use of American (and other non-Asian) music in your skit. You may use the latest popular American movies, commercials, TV shows, etc., as an influence, but we request that you act as your character would in that situation. If you aren't sure if your skit plans are appropriate, please ask.

  • We don't mind if you have worn your costumes to other 2004 conventions or competitions.

  • Please note that costumes purchased or rented from a costume shop, designer direct, eBay, Yahoo Auctions, Yahoo Japan Auctions, Cospa, any other costume store or online resource, or any costumes made for you by a designer or seamstress, are prohibited. Ignoring this rule will negate your eligibility (and your group's eligibility; even if only one person in the group has a disqualified costume) to participate in the Masquerade and will also disqualify you for any performance and/or craftsmanship awards. Honesty is always the best policy; tell us if one person in your group made all the costumes. That person (as long as they are a member of your group) is still eligible for a Design Award (see the Awards section for more details). There are two notable exceptions to the "purchased or rented" policy:
      Exception 1: "Found Item" costumes are allowed. This is basically a costume that was built by collecting various appropriate pieces from normal clothing stores and combining them together in a unique way (with or without sewing) to make a costume.
      Exception 2: If the participant is in the Junior/Youth division, we completely understand if Mom and/or Dad (or a guardian) made or helped to make the costume. However, if this is the case, we would appreciate that Mom and/or Dad (or the guardian) be present at the Masquerade to answer the judges' questions and to supervise the participant.

  • Each contestant may present (wear) one and only one costume, or a group of people may wear one costume at the same time (i.e., a large costume that requires several people inside to move it). Multiple entries worn by the same person, or one entry worn by multiple people at different times, will not be allowed. No exceptions.

  • There is a mandatory meeting on Sunday, May 30, 2004 at 5:00pm in [LOCATION TBA]. You must be stage-ready (in your costume) and contestants need to bring their Backstage Passes. All contestants will need to be there for Roll Call and the Masquerade Orientation.

  • The Masquerade Cosplay Competition will be held on Sunday, May 30, 2004, at 7:00pm at the Anaheim Convention Center Arena.

All About Music

  • There will be microphones on the stage.

  • We strongly suggest, due to our time constraints, that you pre-record your dialogue and mix it in advance (see the Music Submission FAQ for tips).

  • We require music (and/or prerecorded dialogue) for both skits/presentations and walk-ons.

  • If you are a walk-on, please pick appropriate music for your costume. If you forget, we will have music CDs at the convention for you to choose from. We will fade the music as you walk off the stage.

  • Everyone must have their music/audio confirmed by 2:00pm Sunday, May 30, 2004, or you will not be allowed to participate.

  • Please make sure you read the Masquerade Timeline to see when Music Submission will be at Pacific Media Expo.

  • All music for your skit must be provided in advance (i.e., online or during Pacific Media Expo 2004 Music Submission hours).

  • Please read the Music Submission FAQ for further details on the types of files and media that we can accept. We will not accept audio tapes.

  • Due to popular demand, we will offer limited services for pre-recording and mixing (speech with music) at the convention. Please keep in mind that if you choose to record at the convention that it will be your responsibility to make sure the mix is appropriate to your needs. Also, plan accordingly (get to the Masquerade Music Submission Desk early), practice in advance, make sure your entire group is there for the recording session, bring a script with you, and come back during Music Submission hours to confirm that the mix is suitable for your needs.

  • Your dialogue and/or music "file" must be 3 minutes exactly, or under. Please note there are no exceptions to the 3 minute rule. If your music and/or prerecorded routine is longer than 3 minutes, we will trim to 3 minutes.

  • If the sound runs longer than your presentation (i.e. a commercial CD) or must be cut on cue, please be very specific as to when to cut. The usual cue is to fade the sound as the entrant leaves the stage. It is best, when you want the sound to end at a specific point on a CD, to record the material you want onto a recordable medium (such a self-burned CD) in advance and bring it to Music Submission at the Masquerade Check-in Desk.

  • If you think something is going to get a laugh, leave a pause after the line before continuing. Even if you get just a chuckle from the audience, at least it won't interfere with the following dialogue. It also makes the tech crew's job easier. They aren't part of your group and don't attend your skit rehearsals. They won't know when to "pause" a dialogue. It's not their job to do that.

  • Any media left in our possession will be available to be picked up at the Masquerade Feedback meeting on Monday, May 31, 2004. The location and time of this meeting will be announced on the Masquerade Timeline.

The Emcee (MC)

  • Any narration to be read by the emcee will be limited to 35 words or less. All narration by the emcee will be read prior to your performance.

  • Please do not interact with the emcee. We prohibit any involvement with the emcee in your skit. We also prohibit any emcee dialogue during your performance.

Presentations and Walk-ons

  • We require music (and/or prerecorded dialogue) for both skits/presentations and walk-ons. See the Music Section for further details.

  • If the skit goes beyond the 3-minute mark, the contestants will be removed from the stage (and you will be disqualified).

  • The maximum number of members for your group is 10 people. If more than the approved number of contestants appear on stage, the group will be disqualified.

  • We will, as always, allow parents to be backstage with participants aged 14 & under. This is not required, just recommended (and encouraged), especially for participants aged 12 & under.

  • Please don't wear or use any messy substances that might ruin the costume of another contestant. If you are wearing body paint or make-up, please make sure it will not come off in casual contact with others. Do not leave anything on the stage that cannot be picked up by the stage ninjas in a few seconds. Costumes must be self-contained. Connections to electrical sockets will not be available.

  • Nothing the Pacific Media Expo staff feel that may pose a danger to people or the stage area will be allowed.

  • Display weapons are allowed if appropriate to the costume. Display means display; live steel (metal) will not be allowed under any circumstances. If you have any questions concerning what qualifies as "live steel", please ask the Masquerade Coordinator ahead of time. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Please bring your weapons when you check in because it may need to go through a security check. Any weapons not checked in will not be allowed on stage. Please see our full Weapons Policy.

  • No fire, flash powder, lasers, explosives or open flame of any kind will be allowed. Electronic flashes will be permitted provided that you notify the Masquerade Coordinator in advance, and it must be announced in your MC introduction to protect those who may be affected by the flashing lights.

  • Nothing is allowed that would be banned in a "PG-13"-rated film. Actions, dress, or mannerisms that would not be allowed on a public street or thoroughfare must be avoided. Specifically, the following must be avoided: explicit sexual gestures, nudity, and explicit swearing. Violating these rules will disqualify you and possibly result in your being escorted off the premises.

  • We do not allow jumping off the stage, nor do we allow entering or exiting the stage from any area that has not been approved by the Masquerade Coordinator. Jumping off the stage will result in instant disqualification. Please use the designated exits. All presentations must be confined to the stage area. The aisles and other audience areas are not to be used for any part of the presentation.

  • Feel free to surprise the audience, but not the Masquerade Coordinator. If you are planning something "unique", please let the Masquerade Coordinator know in advance.

  • Following the stage appearance, contestants will be escorted to a Photo Area to pose for a few minutes. Cosplayers will then be guided back to their seats and are expected to remain in the Masquerade areas until the awards presentation concludes.

  • We have the right to cancel your performance at any time for any reason.

Special Performances

  • We will allow 2 special performances (total) at the Pacific Media Expo 2004 Masquerade. A special performance is exhibition-only (i.e., does not qualify for awards consideration).

  • An accepted entry will be allocated 5 minutes maximum for a special performance.

  • If you are interested, please send us a proposal for what you want to do in advance. March 2004 is the latest we will take proposals. We can't guarantee to accept all proposals. Send your proposals here. If it's past the deadline you can still ask for special consideration, but we can't guarantee anything due to time and equipment constraints.

  • Whatever you propose to us is what you must present (minor adjustments allowed) at Pacific Media Expo 2004. If your performance turns out to be something other than what we discussed, or the Masquerade Coordinator believes it to be inappropriate, it will be cut from the Masquerade.

  • Also, please consider that this performance needs to be something really special; this should not be simply an extended Masquerade skit. By "special" we mean instrumental performance, professional-quality vocal performance, or highly choreographed professional-level dance routines. We may request some sort of demo tape and/or video.

  • If you register for a special performance you may not have a Masquerade spot (the two minute spot). It's one or the other. No exceptions.

  • Keep in mind that you can't cancel your special performance and expect to instantly be given a registered spot in the normal Masquerade. Unless there is an opening, you will be put at the end of the Waiting List.

  • We have the right to cancel your performance at any time for any reason.

Masquerade Award Guidelines

  • Award Category 1: Presentation
    The presentation awards are based on your skit, routine, walk-on, or performance. The quality of your costume often factors into your presentation, but simple costumes have won the highest awards in the past when coupled with a superior skit or routine.
    • Best of Show, Presentation
    • Honorable Mention, Presentation
    • Judges Award, Presentation
    • Judges Award, Presentation
    • Judges Award, Presentation
    • Best of Show, Presentation, Junior/Youth

  • Award Category 2: Craftsmanship
    The craftsmanship awards are based on the design, construction, execution, and general presentation of your costume.
    • Best of Show, Craftsmanship, Group
    • Honorable Mention, Craftsmanship, Group
    • Best of Show, Craftsmanship, Individual
    • Honorable Mention, Craftsmanship, Individual
    • Judges Award, Craftsmanship
    • Judges Award, Craftsmanship
    • Judges Award, Craftsmanship
    • Design Award*, Craftsmanship

  • All Craftsmanship Judging occurs prior to the Masquerade itself. In order to participate in the Craftsmanship Award category, you must make an appointment to be judged (at the Masquerade Check-in Desk). Details on times & locations for Craftsmanship Judging will be provided on the Masquerade Timeline.

  • All Craftsmanship contestants must fill out a Craftsmanship Judging Form. These forms will also be available at the convention, but if you want to be proactive you can download the form here.

  • Everyone must be judged for Craftsmanship on Saturday, May 29. The only exceptions (who will be judged on Sunday, May 30, 2004) are: those who need to apply heavy makeup or body paint, those participating in emergency check-in on Saturday, and Waiting List groups (who may be accepted into the Masquerade on Saturday morning). If you need to be judged on Sunday, May 30, 2004, it must be prearranged with the Masquerade Coordinator before May 15, 2004.

  • All Craftsmanship judging participants must also be approved entries for the Masquerade and must participate (with a presentation or a walk-on) in the Masquerade on Sunday, May 30, 2004.

  • The Craftsmanship Judges recommend that each competitor bring at least one color picture, preferably two, of each character the costume entry represents. A black and white image is acceptable if you have designed a manga-based costume. We recommend that the images you choose show the character from head-to-toe (especially if they are in the costume you are presenting), but this is not required. The judges also appreciate craftsmanship documentation (also known as costume construction diaries).

  • Individual Craftsmanship Awards may be won by a single person (not a member of a group) or by a group member being judged as an individual. Being judged as an individual does not preclude you from being judged as part of a group (we actually encourage you to be judged as both; but you must be judged for both all at one time).

  • Please note that an entire group does not have to participate in the Craftsmanship judging. If any individuals from a group choose to be judged as individuals, and not at all as a group, that's fine.

  • If the entire group designed and constructed the costumes together and if you wish to win a Group Craftsmanship award, you must be judged as a group and all members of the group must be judged at the same time.

  • If one person in your group made all of the costumes for that group, solely that person is eligible, and only for an Design Award. The group is ineligible for Group Craftsmanship Awards. Also, that person must be a participating and costumed member of said group.

  • An individual (or a member of a group being judged as an individual) must have designed or constructed his/her own costume by himself/herself to win an Individual Craftsmanship Award.

  • Every contestant needs to be prepared to answer the judges' questions about his/her role in the construction of his/her costume. Here are some sample questions that the judges may ask.

  • Each contestant may present (wear) one and only one costume, or a group of people may wear one costume at the same time (i.e., a large costume that requires several people inside to move it). Multiple entries worn by the same person, or one entry worn by multiple people at different times, will not be allowed. No exceptions.

  • Any Craftsmanship materials left in our possession will be available to be picked up at the Masquerade Feedback meeting on Monday, May 31, 2004. The location and time of this meeting will be announced on the Masquerade Timeline.

    * What is a Design Award?
    One designer may design and construct the costumes for an individual model or for a group who serve as model/models. This designer must be present at the judging to explain the construction techniques used, and they must be present at the Masquerade with his/her model/models. If this is a group presentation, the designer must also wear a costume. The designer wins the award, not the group.


  • Pacific Media Expo 2004's damages policy is basically this: if you break a piece of equipment, deface the facilities, or cause any other damages, then you pay to replace what you damaged.

  • How does one prevent damages? Please simply exercise care when you are on the stage. Be aware of floor microphones, cables, speakers, curtains, screens, etc.

Pacific Media Expo 2004 Weapons Policy

  • Coming Soon









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